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1. E-Sword HD - $4.99 for Iphone, $9.99 for Mac, free for PC - This is the best Bible app available for  Iphone, Ipad, Mac, Windows and IOS devices. There are some more advanced and more expensive options for PC and OS X such as Bibleworks, Logos and Accordance but I find the features on E-Sword more than sufficient for going deep. Also, if you purchase one of the paid Bible packages, such as NASB or MSG you can enter the same key on all of your E-Sword - Iphone, Ipad, and Mac OS X and it will work just fine.

1A. Mysword - Free on Android - Similar to E-Sword for Android devices. Both Mysword and E-Sword have Bibles and rescources in virtually every language.

2. Read Scripture - App by Francis Chan - Free - While E-Sword is the best app for detailed Bible study, the Read Scripture is the most fun way to read the Bible if you are going through whole books. It features video introductions for every book of the Bible, the plan includes 3 chapters of whatever book you are choosing to go through and a Psalm so there's always a prayerful element even if you're reading through a more difficult book like Numbers.

3. Bethel  - We love Bethel church and we love to be inspired by what God is up to in Redding. Hear teachings from Bill Johnson and the team from this free app. You can also login to your Bethel.TV account if you have one.

4. Podcasts - Apple products have podcasts built in and you can find sermons by just about anyone. On Android download Pocket Cast for $3.99 for the best finding and listening to podcasts. On Mac & Windows use Itunes.

5. GOD.TV - TV has gone digital. Even without any cable subscription you can watch GOD.TV and choose between 4 streams including, USA version of GOD.TV, UK GOD.TV, AUSTRAILIA GOD.TV or Africa.

6. Catch the Fire - Worship and sermons from Catch the Fire in Toronto, CA

7.  IHOP KC - 24/7 worship - Someone is always praying and worshipping God at any hour day or night. The app allows you to see archives or join with the 24/7 prayer that is always being released and rising up to Jesus.

8.-Sourceview - Another interesting Bible app, it organizes Bible books by how much time it takes to read them. If you have 5 minutes you can read through the book of Ruth.

9. Youtube - There are tons of amazing sermons and live worship sets available from just about anyone. To see God moving and people being touched becoming Christians, or being healed find videos by Todd White, Pete Cabrera, Jason Chin or Pastor Adam's channel - Revival Bliss.

10.  Book of Common Prayer Daily Readings - Several different apps for IOS or Android contain these daily readings. If you prefer organized readings instead of going through books of the Bible all at once this is your format to look at.


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kingdom Reading List

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