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join us in the fall for the mission trip of a lifetime ministering to people in the holy land. 

israel 2018


israel 2018 - Sept 20th – Oct 2nd, 2018 

We are so excited to announce a mission trip to Israel next fall! It will be during the feast of Tabernacles. This is a historic year because 2018 is Israel's 70th year anniversary of becoming a country from 1948. We will be see the spots where Jesus and the people of God walked, minister to Jews and Gentiles in churches and on the streets, go for a boat ride on the sea of Galilee. We are so excited for this trip and anyone who wants to go the cost will be around $3400 (this includes airfare) and you can do monthly payments. To reserve one of the 20 spots available requires a $300 deposit which is refundable up until a date in March - contact Vanessa for exact details or if you have other questions about the trip. 

Download Trip Itinerary Here

FAQ - 

1) Is this a Missions trip or just a Holy Land Tourism trip?

Yes, it’s a Missions trip where we will have the opportunity to receive an impartation but also
give to the nation of Israel through prophetic prayer/intercession and ministry time as we travel
to Biblical and historical sights. We are also contacting different congregations for ministry
opportunities. The way we like to see is that this trip is both an assignment and a gift.

2. How much is the trip?
It’s $3,400

3. Is the airfare included?
Yes, flight in economy class leaving from DFW is included.

4. What exactly is included?
Keep in mind this is a missions trip and we have worked hard to make the trip affordable to
most people as possible. 

The $3400 includes:

A) 12 nights in 3 stars hotel. They are good, clean and simple.
B) Breakfast and dinner every day
C) Airfare in economy class from D/FW to Tel Aviv and back
D) All the ticket fees and entrance costs to the holy sights
E) Tour Guide fee and Bus costs


5. What if I want my own room?
You can have your own room by paying a premium of $750. Which means your total trip will be

6. What’s not included?
Lunches: An average of $10-$15 for a quick lunch. Ex.: Falafel, Kebab, etc.
Personal expenses like: Chair rental at the beach, Souvenirs you might want to buy, etc.

7. What’s the Payment Plan?
We need to have $1,500 (Down payment+ $1,200) per person payed by April 30th.
Full trip needs to be paid off by July 31st.

8. Can children go for free?
Children up to the age of 12, will have a discount of $200 (as a third person at parent’s
bedroom). Children from the ages of 13 and older will pay full price.

9. Which days do we leave and when do we return?
We will leave Dallas on Sep 19th and arrive back in Dallas on Oct 2nd

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved....they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”...Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.
— Jesus Christ

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Missions history

In 2015, on a visit to Kona, HI we made a connection with Jackson Ndecheck and YWAM missions while training students at Fire and Fragrance school. As a followup from this connection we partnered with YWAM to send a team of 4 people to Cameroon Africa who ministered in many cities around the country.  This video below is a testimony from Pastor Joanne and our last trip to Cameroon. Pastor Adam lived in France in 2015 and regularly does missions trips to Europe.  The testimony below is a youth who was previously an atheist but met Jesus and was both healed and saved. In Autumn 2018, we are planning a missions trip to Israel to share Jesus with people as well as see the sites where Jesus lived and did his earthly ministry. Contact us if you are interested in coming. The trip cost will probably be around $4,000. We will minister in Messianic Jewish congregations, take the gospel to the streets, and see heaven invade earth.

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