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revival kids

 Revival Kids, Sunday Nights during church

Unlike at Mcdonalds where kids receive a Jr. Hamburger, we don't believe that kids receive a Jr. Holy Spirit when they come to Jesus or have to wait until they are older to be used mightily by God. Children have limitless spiritual potential to know their Creator now, so we desire to connect our children with God today, help them experience his tangible presence and learn to consistently pay attention to what the Lord is doing around them. Also within that we are training our children to have healthy lifestyles and relationships. We give them the opportunity to worship God in their own personality and style, share and hear testimonies about what God is doing, and grow in their unique gifting.  Get in touch with Contact Pastor Elizabeth for more info -  940-206-3725


tribe youth group

Personal Discipleship structure

It's never too young to start carrying the presence of God. Based on Deut 10:8 -  "At that time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister and to pronounce blessings in his name, as they still do today."

We have a heart to pour into youth and disciple them into their calling in Jesus. Contact Pastor Adam for more information.



women of power & Destiny, crossroads, TX

God has called the women of our church to move in supernatural power and in the fullness of their destiny.

Fridays,  7pm at the Rost's house Once a month


eat, pray, hang with real kingdom men

men's breakfast

men's breakfast - mckinney, tx

Saturdays Once a month - 7:00Am - 8:30AM
3617 Bankhead Pl, Mckinney, TX 75070

Leader: David Beauchamp, 214-505-4799

Being spirit led In the beginning the main focus would be to build a stronger core group of men/warriors. As that community builds and strengthens start moving more into the things of the spirit. As this goes start to empower them and release them into their gifting’s. Help them ID those gifting’s as well. Creating an environment to nurture that calling. If they are prophetic give them that voice! If they are writers give them the medium to release that! Whatever their calling helping them build that platform.

Menu thoughts: Bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls/donuts to start then maybe expand to something a bit healthier like sausage biscuits  and gravy. I actually  love to cook breakfast.

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Do you believe God brought your marriage together for His Kingdom purposes? Do you desire learning how to minister together out of the flow of His heart? Come and discover how your gifts complement each other and be activated to live a supernatural marriage. God will take an exceptional marriage and catapult it into another realm when He touches it by His presence and supernatural power. As we accept more of His presence and allow His power to be activated within our marriage, there is tremendous increase in our capacity to accomplish our eternally significant destinies. Journey with us towards a marriage centered in the Kingdom of God as we receive more of His presence and let His glory be reflected in the earth.

Hosted by: David & Rebecah Beauchamp

Based on -  Supernatural Marriage by Dr. Dan and Linda Wilson (


SOZO - personal counseling/inner healing ministry

The name Sozo comes from the New Testament Greek word meaning "saved" but in the Bible can also refer to physical healing of the body and deliverance from demons and demonic influence.

The Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry in which the main aim is to get to the root of those things hindering the client’s personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit they can walk in the destiny to which they have been called.

Sozo is an inner healing/deliverance ministry
Sozo is simple, fast, Spirit led and effective
Sozo finds issues in minutes instead of years
Sozo helps heal your relationship with God to enable you to fulfill your destiny
For more information, to sign up for an appointment, or get trained, click here